Monday, February 24, 2014

The Trunky life

(note: names have been changed)

For those of you who don't know what "trunky" means, it is referring to when a missionary is about to pack their trunks and go home. Usually it is used with a negative connotation when someone isn't focused. I'm not trunky at all and neither is S May. but I am definitely living the trunky life, sending home two people in a row. It's so hard not to make comments about it all the time. I always want to say "Can you believe you only have 3 weeks left on your mission??" etc. But I know that wouldn't be beneficial so I try not to say those things.

Great week again! We taught another 30 lessons and found a couple more investigators. But the best part of it was that we taught 12 lessons with a member present! That is my favorite key indicator by far. Member present lessons are the best way to get an investigator to progress. The most S M. and I had done before was 13 our last week in our previous area, so we have to try and top that again.

ON Monday all of our appointments cancelled. We had dinner with an investigator and they called sick and then everyone else cancelled. We had a member coming with us to 2 of our appointments and so since they cancelled we tried to visit a couple people. No one was home, we kept going from house to house until finally we went to visit a new investigator named Gary (not real name). He let us in and just like the first time we taught him, he made very clear that we "aren't going to save him" and he doesn't do religion. We sat down and began to teach him about the nature of God and the Restoration of Christ's gospel. It was hard to get past prophets because he kept telling us we were prophets but eventually he got the idea. The cool part of the lesson is that by the end of it, his heart was truly softened by the spirit. He wasn't trying to put up a fight and he just listened as the member we brought testified of the Book of Mormon. The spirit can change people!! Then we took the member to Valerie and taught her the plan of salvation. As we were leaving the member expressed what a wonderful experience she had. GO MEMBERS

Tuesday: So we have an investigator named Rhonda (60s) who has been meeting with missioanries for about a year. She has read all of the Bible, BOM, and D&C, believes it full heartedly and used to come to church weekly. Her only hold up is that she isn't married. A little while after I got to the area, her divorced was finalized so she would be able to marry her BF Courtney. When taht happened she just stopped coming to church. It has been a really touchy subject becasue I don't really know how to tell an older couple that has been divorced 3 times each, to get married. So we went into the lesson planning on reteaching the law of chastity and eternal marriage. I was sooooo nervous, I just didn't know how to tell them what they needed to do. As Sister May. said the opening prayer, I was saying a prayer in my own heart begging for the Spirit so I would be able to say the right thing. When it was my turn to talk I had a flood of thoughts enter and I testified to them that before they came here to the earth, they knew about everything they each would have to go through separately (many trials) but that they promised each other "It's okay, I'm going to find you and we will be able to live happily for all of eternity together. It will all be worth it."

Wed: Cici, the 15 year old girl we found last week, we taught her part of the Restoration with her best friend who is a member. It was kind of difficult because they weren't paying close attention so that is when having a member is counterproductive haha. But at the end he invited her to seminary and church all by himself so that was great! He said she came to seminary!

Thursday: We were on exchanges so I was in a different area. I wasn't feeling very well so it was hard because you have to be like 110% energy on exchanges. Sometimes they just wear me out. Actually all the time. This zone is harder because we have to do 2 a week since there are so many sisters. I realy do love getting to learn from all the other sisters though!

Friday: Weekly planning!!! Woot woot! Can you say party?? Then we did service at the Food bank with the Zone Leaders. That is always fun, the ZLs, who are also in our ward, think Siseter May. and I are ridiculous. They just laugh and shake their heads at us. The lady the runs the Food bank is always commenting "What is all this giggling about??" We have a great relationship with her, she really loves the missionaries.
That night we taught Valerie in a member's home about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.. She is so humble and excited to be baptized, we'll just see how the Word of Wisdom lesson goes tomorrow :/ But she is still set to be baptized next weekend!!

Saturday: We were on exchanges again and one of the spanish sisters came to our area with me. It was a SOLID day. We taught 8 lessons and 4 were member presents. One guy we taught the Restoration to on his doorstep. After that we were walking to another apartment and passed a group of 4 teenagers hanging out, they all looked like they were the kind who like to get themselves into trouble. We went over and shared a message with them outside. The 15 girl who was smoking said she was baptized Mormon and that her cousin is on a mission right now! So we found a less active. One of the girls had scars covering her arms and shared how terrible her life had been. It was somewhat difficult for them to believe in a loving Heavenly Father.

AHHH time is up. Mary and Sonny are still doing really well. They will be getting baptized the week after Valerie and they are being fellowshipped like crazy. Their neighbors the Jonses are starting to invite other members of the ward over for their lessons. We taught them the plan of salvation this week which was a sweet experience. They have been trying to have kids for 11 years and last year they finally got pregnant and ended up having a miscarriage. We were so happy to tell them "You will be able to live with your baby for all of eternity."

Sunday: Remember the teenage boy at the table last week? We went back and retaught the Restoration and invited them to be baptized March 29th and they said yes!

Good week!

Love you all so so much! This church is true and God loves you. Ask yourself, do I believe that through Christ I can be cleansed of my sins? Many people believe that that doctrine is true for others but don't truly believe it themselves.

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