Monday, May 12, 2014

Merry Christmas-Oh wait, it is May 12!

(note: due to the challenge of keeping track of changed names, I am going back to initials. Kirk)

It's snowing a lot! Darn Colorado, can't get it's seasons straight. Thankfully it isn't a brutally cold snow like it is in the winter.

Talking to you all yesterday was the best thing ever. At dinner the Cs said, "We'll be having rootbeer floats for dessert" and I said "Can this day get any better? If I have much more happiness I'll explode" I felt like cloud 9 getting to see my awesome family. I can't wait until I have unlimited time to talk to you all.

For my birthday Hna R. took my out to McDonalds for breakfast and then the Ds from Riverdale came over and took me out to Chilis for a birthday lunch. That was fun, we always laugh a lot together, they are a solid family. Then we did missionary work! Dinner was at the Rs (family she lives with) and I loved it, they made my favorite dinner and I had leftovers for lunch the next day. I had a couple cakes from different people because I told everyone I saw that it was my birthday soon ;) After dinner Sister R (companion) got pretty sick. We brought a recently returned sister missioanry with us to an appointment and Sister R fell asleep on the couch and the RM and I taught lesson one to A and L (The family we found last week). It went really well! They said they wanted to be baptized but wouldn't commit to a date. Overall it was a great day.

Thursday was Zone Meeting and it was such a wonderful time. The spirit was strong as we talked about how we can be better missioanries. I felt such an urgency to go out and work. I could barely contain myself I was so happy. One sister told me I reminded her of a Disney princess. Elder H said, "I wonder what it would be like if you and Sister B were companions" (She is another really bubbly/singy missionary who just got relased from being a sister trainer leader (STL)). That evening we had a lesson with a less active sister and we brought someone from the RS presidency. The member we borught asked her, "So when are you going to go back to the temple?" I was like you go girl! She told us about her difficult past and divorce and we testified to her that through Christ she can be forgiven. Then, she came to church on Sunday!
We had another lesson with A and L that went well, we brought a man from the ward which really helped A. They are so ready for this gospel, they just don't know it yet. A mentioned that he has too much fun partying to go to heaven... I know that through the BOM his heart and desires will change and his family will be able to have so many blessings.

Saturday we taught a less active named C. She is 25 and Sister R and Sister G found her tracting before I got here but they had never taught her. Guess what?? She is Ms (person that Collette taught in a previous ward) cousin! (Okay family I know I told you these things yesterday haha). And her little sister C wants to take the missionary lessons so we will be teaching her tomorrow! How crazy that I get to teach Ms cousins. C came to church yesterday and she loved it and is definitely coming back. She leaned over to me during sacrament and said "This is my favorite part" and I said "Mine too :)" 

Sunday, we are teaching a 22 year old girl named A with a slight learning disability so we have to go really slow and make sure she understands. We came by and she and her mom and written out a summary of the BOM chapter we left and each written their favorite verses. It was so wonderful to see her mom help her learn and grow in the gospel.
After dinner we went to teach a less active HIspanic woman who is going through a  hard time. She doesn't agree with the way that her daughter raises her grandchildren and she doesn't know what to do to help. At the end of the lesson she just started crying and said in her broken English, "I feel the spirit so strong when you girls are here." It was one of those small rewarding moments on the mission.
We taught an active family with a Less active son the story of Joseph Smith. The spirit was so strong and the mom was in tears and we asked how she felt and she said "It is true." Then we said to the son, you can bless your family in so many more ways if you will work towards getting the priesthood. The whole time we talked to him about the priesthood the mom was crying and he told us that he will start working towards it and join in family scripture study everyday.

Thanks again for everything. Thank you to S Owsley and Ev and Sisi and all my wonderful siblings for the packages. They made my birthday so special and I felt very loved. I'm happy to be serving the Lord and I wish you could all be out here with me. LOVE YOU

Playing mini-golf on P-day 

Birthday flowers from Dad and Mom 

Collette and her companion

No, it is not a sheep. Just a big dog.