Sunday, July 21, 2013

Training - July 8, 2013

Okay, I'm emailing about my week tomorrow because I will be able to get on email again because I have to take my "greenie" to email. Wait what? yeah. I'm picking up a brand new missionary to train later today.

I'm pretty nervous because I've only been on my mission for 6 weeks so I don't know what I'm doing but I have to somehow train a new missionary. 6 weeks ago, I was that missionary getting picked up by my trainer!! I found out on Friday. Sister H was called as a Sister Trainer Leader and she will be staying in my district so I'll still see her a ton. Thank goodness I can still ask her questions.

I know the next 6 weeks will be really challenging but it will definitely be a time that I can be humbled and depend everything on the Savior. I'm super scared to have to know where to go, who to see, how to teach, what phone calls to make, how to handle certain situations, but I know this is God's work and he will be there with me every step of the way. I know I'm not alone :) I can't wait to get my new missionary pumped up about missionary work! I think I'll wake her up tomorrow morning by jumping on her bed and shouting "Ready to be a missionary?? BEST DAY EVER!" I will work so hard every day to make her feel excited and happy :) She will most definitely be older than me I'm pretty sure so I hope that isn't awkward.....

T B IS MY DISTRICT LEADER! July 1 the missions split and we took two stakes from Denver South and one from Colorado Springs. When they announced who was coming into the area this transfer they said "The Malley District leader will be a missionary coming up from the Denver South mission named Elder B." I stood up really fast and shouted "I KNOW HIM! THATS MY FHE GRANDPA!" It was a little embarrassing but I couldn't contain my excitement. For those of you who don't know TB- he was an RA in my ward at BYU, in my FHE group, and just super awesome. He's also serving in the same ward as me so I will be seeing him all the time and he will be calling me every single night. Crazy, I think it is a tender mercy from the Lord to help me get through the next 6 weeks that I'm training.

Anyways- I can't stay my full 2 hours since I'll be emailing tomorrow but since you can reply and I'll see it within a day. Anyone have good finding ideas besides tracting and working with members? I need to get creative here, we need some solid investigators.

Training advice?

Mom can you send my contacts anytime soon? I also would be down to get some EFY CDs- Deseret Book had some good ones. Thank you if you can :)

Missionary work is crazy right now. It is the most exciting time to be a missionary. I'll find out a lot more about the newly changed mission on Wednesday but, Sister H, being a spiffy STL (Sister Training Leader) told me some inside scoops. She said iPads are coming really soon and the best news of all- we can go to the temple once a month now!!!!!!! I'm so happy. Everything is changing; missionary work is all anyone talks about. Okay, maybe I'm hardcore biased because I eat, sleep and breathe missionary work but it really is changing. The work is hastening.

Please- do me and the Lord a favor, pray about who you can share the gospel with. Who can you introduce to the missionaries? We desperately try to get the members involved and it can be difficult at times but we NEED them.

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