Sunday, July 21, 2013

This work rocks my socks!

Sister H. is awesome and is totally pumped to work hard and be obedient! Being a trainer is probably one of the coolest and most humbling experiences ever. It almost is a good thing that both of us are so new because we are completely depending on Heavenly Father to help us out. Remember how I said I think Sister H1 (we will call first companion Sister H1 and new companion Sister H) always got the inspiration because she's driving? I think that is kind of true. Well and also, Sis H doesn't know the area so God just has to tell me where to go. It is a miracle how guided we are. I remember talking to my sister, K, and she said one thing she missed about her mission was working so closely with the spirit. I now know exactly what she's talking about.

Sister H and I get along super well! We have a pretty similar sense of humor so we laugh a lot. One night during planning we were laughing really hard and the next morning we apologized to Sister P (landlord) for being loud and she said, "Don't you ever apologize for laughing! That's exactly what I want to be woken up with!" I love Sister P so much. She really helped me out this week. She would come in while Sister H was showering and remind me that I can do anything with the Lord. She also asked every night when we came home how we were holding up. It's fun for Sister H and I to be able to talk about Women's Chorus songs and people we both knew at BYU. We were having "companionship inventory" and I asked what I can do to help her and be a better trainer. She said "You can stop getting so many dang letters!" That probably had to do with the fact that transfers put a hold on mail so I got 2 weeks worth in one day.

Speaking of letters- A your letters make me laugh really, really hard. In fact every letter I get makes me laugh super hard. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you taking the time to write me every week. I never get them on Sunday's because mail doesn't come but I still love that you wish me a Happy Sunday every time ;)

Cool experiences for the week
Tuesday we were meeting with a part member family. We met the less active daughter for the first time and taught the Restoration. At the end she said "I would like to come back to church but I have work." That is my least favorite excuse because it's the hardest to get around. But then she said "I'll start looking for a new job." SOLID! No LA ever says that haha.

2 Sunday's ago Sister H1 and I were asked to come talk to the 6 year old Primary class about missionary work. I asked them "Who can tell me what missionaries do?" One kid said "They go to people's houses to eat dinner!" "yes we do that, but what else do we do?" Another girl said "You buy food at the grocery store!" Super glad that everyone thinks all we do is eat all day....

This past Sunday Sister H and I taught the High Priest lesson on Relief Society. That was a little bit intimidating but I think it went as well as we could. At the beginning I said we were going to introduce the topic by singing "As Sisters in Zion" They all just looked at me with blank faces until I told them I was joking.

Wednesday evening it was getting close to time to go home and we had already used way too many miles that day so I decided we should just do some tracting because I couldn't use more miles. As we were knocking doors I kept feeling like we need to drive and visit the B family. I ignored it because we were super close to home and that was out of the way. Then finally the words just pretty much vomited out of my mouth "We need to go see the Bs." Sorry for that imagery. We drove to their house and of course they weren't there because they told us they were going out of town. As we turned to walk away and drive home I saw two houses across the street and I said  "we need to go knock on those doors." The first door was a man named G. He told us that he was having a hard time because his wife left and he didn't have a job. We let him know that the message we share can help him in any situation and Sis Hardy told him we would pray that he would get a job. After making an appointment he told us "You just made my day. Thank you so much." I don't remember the second house but we probably gave them a BOM and hopefully that will be a seed planted haha.

The topic of angels had been standing out a lot to me lately so I decided to make that part of my personal study on Thursday by reading as much as I could in the scriptures about angels. I read how you can identify them, what a ministering angel is, etc. Then that night we were meeting with a less active couple who likes to ask us a lot of little doctrinal questions. Guess what they asked? "I want to know more about angels. I heard people who don't get to the Celestial Kingdom are ministering angels. And how is it that we can identify an angel?" Talk about guided studies!! I would not have known the answers to those questions at all if I hadn't read it that morning.

Remember a month-ish ago when we met that one guy B and I thought he was super prepared and should get baptized? Well ever since then he never had time to meet with us and we kinda stopped going by. But as we were driving near his house I felt like maybe we should try him. When we knocked he was home! And we were able to set up a time! I thought he had gotten a hold of some anti-Mormon stuff after we met him but he just told us that he had been really busy the past month.

Friday was our appointment with G. Just starting into the first lesson he said "I want to know how I can be one of those sheep. (Referring to the fact that we are Christ's sheep) We then invited him to be baptized on August 3. He looked down and said, "That's in a couple weeks right? ....I think I'm ready" After teaching the rest of the lesson we asked if he would prefer to go to a Spanish or English ward. (I was a little sad thinking he probably would need to be passed off to Spanish missionaries) He told us that he wants to go to the English ward! YAY! So he asked if he could take notes on where the church was. When we were wrapping up he started to cry and saying, "Thank you, I am so happy. You are angels sent from God." I'm pretty sure that lesson was one of my favorites so far on the mission. He kept crying for a couple minutes thanking us.

Then I felt like we should visit one of the active members in our ward. She wasn't home but her YSA daughter was. We planned to teach the Plan of Salvation (We teach the first 2 lessons to our active members so Sister H can practice). After we were done she got a little teary and told us that she really needed to hear that today. So dang thankful for the spirit!

That night we gave J a tour of the church building so he would feel more comfortable coming to church. We have had a really hard time getting him to come. He kept talking about how wonderful it felt there. He said, "Right when I walked in the door I felt different." HIs granddaughter was running around playing with some kids her age in our ward. At the end of our tour the grand daughter said, "Can we PLEASEEEE come on Sunday?" And the 11 year old in our ward said, "Yeah! You can come to Primary with me!" It was so precious. My heart melted <3

On Sunday we called J to see if he was coming and he said he didn't think he felt like coming and I kept asking why and he wouldn't really give a reason so that was a little frustrating. Then I called G and he answered and said "I'm ready to go!" Ah- I stinkin love G. When we met with him after church he said he didn't like how loud the kids were but that he felt very comfortable. He said "So many people came up to say hi!" Then we met with J and I told him "Not gonna lie J, I was heartbroken when you said you weren't coming to church" How's that for a guilt trip? ;)

J such a diligent reader. He always reads more than we ask and writes down his questions and highlights what we read in lessons but there is something holding him back. He feels the Spirit, he describes it all the time but for some reason he will not commit to coming to church and his baptismal dates keep getting pushed back. At a lesson a few weeks ago he told me that when I talk my eyes remind him of shark eyes. I was like uhhhh thank you. But he said it wasn't a bad thing just that they are very piercing and he can feel that I know what I'm saying is true. So last night he said, "I found a scripture that describes your shark eyes! Matt 10:20" He said he feels like when I talk it is someone else talking through me. I try not to get frustrated because it's so obvious that he knows it's true and feels the spirit but he won't admit it. Keep him in your prayers if you can.

At church a lady came up to us who was obviously not a member and gave us her address and asked us to stop by. Hello?? Miracle?? She started crying and saying her husband was cheating on her and they were being evicted from their home. She said Elders had stopped by but she wants her kids to talk to Sisters. We gave her a hug- she really needed it :(
Then all during dinner an active member's name kept coming to mind but they weren't whom we planned to see but around 8:30 I decide we should go see them. His name is Brother D and he's 87. I absolutely LOVE going to his house because it's like chatting with my grandpa away from home. He has a less active daughter who is usually pretty cold to us and never sits in on lessons. Halfway through the lesson she came in and just sat right down on the couch to listen. As we kept teaching her eyes got really watery. I don't know what was going on but I know that we needed to be there.
We also had about 3 less actives at church. That was a great feeling.

I can't even express how much I love being a missionary. Sure it's hard, but it is so rewarding. Training is the best thing ever. I love Companionship Study. We are able to work together to become better teachers, set goals, and find ways to improve. Preach My Gospel is so endless. It's like a never ending well of wisdom. I've learned how important love and service are. When you are training you can never say anything negative, have a bad attitude, or be lazy. Charity is the absolute key to everything in missionary work.

I love hearing from you all SO MUCH. Thank you for the emails, I wish I were better at replying to them individually but please know I appreciate them. I look forward to reading them every week. I also appreciate people who take the time to read my epically long emails. It means a lot to have people care about what I'm doing :)

Family- you are the best. I don't say that enough. But I think it about 50x a day.
A- things I would want in a package: Thanks for asking!! I really want more family pictures and Sister H has a cute little portable photo album. CDs, anything in the missionary section at Deseret Book, skor bars, candy of course ;) I loved the pictures from your primary class. I was smiling from ear to ear. L's pictures every week are also really great.
I've done fairly well with not gaining weight so far! I try not to snack since we eat such big dinners.
I LOVE YOU ALL! Missionary work is so much fun! I laugh a lot, I wish I could talk about all the funny things that happen but I guess I try to focus on the spiritual
p.s. go give the missioanries a referral. Please. ;)
p.p.s. Sister P said "What the crud" this week and it was the funniest thing ever

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